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Erasmus+ Internship

Erasmus funded students can boost their CV with our Erasmus Internship.

Erasmus+ Internship Programme
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Erasmus+ Internship Programme

With years of experience and an award-winning team, there’s no need to look further than Twin for an Erasmus-funded internship. Available in London, one of the most exciting cities in the world, our Erasmus+ internship is the ideal way kick-start to a student’s portfolio, providing a valuable placement, student support and career development. Placements are available with multinational companies, in a range of sectors, and will be suited to students needs so that they can maximise their potential and gain valuable employability skills.

Secure the placement that is right for you

Our team work closely with students so that we get a better understanding of their objectives and sector of choice. We will then match students to a role that best matches their CV, personality, career goals and will aim to secure a position in their sector of choice. Previous interns have been placed in the Marketing, IT, Law, Education, Finance and Engineering sectors, to name just a few. Our internship creates the perfect opportunity for students to increase their vocabulary for their preferred sector and gain transferable skills that they can use for future study and employment.

Lifelong skills and a rewarding experience

Students will be able to develop their skills and knowledge, relevant to their preferred industry, so that they can stand out against other applicants. Our Erasmus programme allows students to apply their studies to a practical placement and add valuable UK work experience to their CV. As well as gaining valuable employability skills, carrying out work experience in the UK is perfect for enhancing students’ English language ability as they have the chance to fully immerse themselves into the UK culture and will be able to practise their conversation skills. 

"Interested in a learning period in Europe? Then you should do it with Twin! Our organisation has been working with Twin for quite a long time and we’re happy to call them a reliable partner. Our aim is to enable apprentices to enjoy international experiences which benefit them in the best possible way. The professional and friendly team at Twin organise internships and language courses, as well as suiting host families for our participants for three to 25-week stays." 

Arbeit und Leben, Twin Partner

"IFA Erlangen is a German Language School for bilingual secretaries and translators/interpreters. To connect with ‘their’ language, they need to go to a country where it is spoken, and live and work there for a while. What we need to make the most of these stays are reliable partners. And aren’t we lucky? We found Twin! For several years we’ve been sending groups of students there and they have learned so much, were so happy in their host families, during their English classes and internships that we are looking forward to keeping up this great collaboration for many, many years to come!"

IFA Erlangen, Twin Partner

Please see an example of the first two weeks of the internship programme below*:

Week 1 Morning Afternoon Evening
Sunday Arrival
Monday Induction at our school in London English lessons Free time Pub night
Tuesday English language tuition Free time
Wednesday English language tuition Old City walking tour Free time
Thursday English language tuition Half-day excursion in London
Friday English language tuition Free time Visit the bars and clubs in the West End
Saturday Full day excursion to Oxford


Week 2 Morning Afternoon Evening
Sunday Free time
Monday Placement induction Placement begins Free time
Tuesday Placement See street performers in Covent Garden
Wednesday Placement Free time
Thursday Placement Walking tour
Friday Placement Free time
Saturday Full day excursion to Harry Potter studios

*Please note that the sample programme includes payable excursions and activities that are not included in the standard programme.

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